As I sit down and write this, I cannot be more thankful for the tribe that I have. This evening, I got to spend a beautiful dinner with one of my closest friends talking about everything under the sun that has happened since I met her almost a year ago.

That got me to thinking that I praise God for all the seasons He puts in our lives; especially seeing my friends go through them. I have a wonderful circle and all of them are in different seasons in life some are engaged, some extremely single, some loving themselves again, some are married and one even expecting a little one along the way! I think what a lot of us get caught up in is judging them for the seasons that they are in and expecting them to be exactly where we are and what our view of their life should look like. When in all reality being a friend, we are there to support them where God has put them at for this moment.

God puts each one of us in seasons. At times seasons are hard, they can be hurting, they can be loving, they can even be panicking at times. But, do you truly understand that He is preparing you for something more beautiful and wonderful to happen if you follow His plan? It is easy for us to get side tracked and not walk down His path because we want what we want (Especially as women). But calm down, my sweet friend, and let our Mighty God go before you and wait out the storm. Yes, it may seem like it is never going to end because the water is getting high and higher drowning you. But I promise you this, you will not drown because Jesus is still floating in your boat keeping you alive. When the storm is over, you are going to see so many ashes rise to be a beautiful landscape that you are about to walk in. Don’t get discouraged with the season you are in, always be thankful and be accepting to your tribe’s season as well.

I like to think of it this way. Jesus is a beautiful friend and He loves us no matter what. Actually, He is our brother.  He doesn’t judge, doesn’t give any nasty looks, or raises his eyebrow saying what the heck were you thinking? No, He smiles and says "Go, my sweet friend, I am with you, keep your head up you are not alone." That is exactly what we need to be saying to our people because God has them in their own seasons for a reason and they need all the love they can get.

Sending out a big HUG,

Love always

Timber Ann


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